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2.27.22 Trail Status:  The Pierce County snowmobile trails CLOSED at 11:30pm February 27th to preserve what base we have left in anticipation of the potential snow event Thursday-Saturday. Hopefully the models stay on track and we get enough to open and run another week or so. Thank you!

2.23.22 Trail Status: The Pierce County snowmobile trails are OPEN as of 12pm today. Please ride with caution and be on the lookout for groomers and drifting. Stay between the blazers, be careful and have fun! Pierce County Trail Hotline: 715-639-6311

1.31.22 Trail Status: The Pierce County snowmobile trails are CLOSED now as of midnight due to the warm weather ahead. We are hoping the Pierce County Snowmobile Council can open them back up after the warm spell. Thank you!

1.26.22 Trail Status: The Pierce County snowmobile trails are fully OPEN as of 9am this morning! The border is still closed at Dunn County and Pepin County lines. Pierce County Trail Hotline: 715-639-6311

1.23.22 Trail Status: Pierce County snowmobile trails will be partially opened at 1:00pm Sunday January 23. All trails to surrounding counties are closed.

***Note the following details in the pictures***

*Corridor 43 is closed at the St Croix County line at intersection #106.

*Corridor 20 is closed north of intersection #108 north of Beldenville.

*Corridor 39 is closed to the east of El Paso at the intersection of County Road G and County Road N.

*Corridor CC is closed north of Waverly at intersection #128.

*Corridor 72 is closed east of Waverly at intersection #127.

*Corridor CL is closed north of Exile at County Roads X and S.

2.21.21 Trail Status: Pierce County Trail Status: Pierce County Snowmobile Association is closing the trails at 11:30 t​onight with the hope that they can get everything groomed tight enough to outlast the 40-degree warm up this week. Looks like we go from 20-below to 40-above in less than a week -enjoy the T-shirt weather everyone. Hopefully we can open up after it cools off and we get some more snow.